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AP All-American WR, Shane Savage,

getting tips from Legendary Coach Loren Seagrave to improve start as Savage Hill major feature at U. of Tenn /Hammer Strength Clinicin March


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The Savage Hill featured on FoxSports at the Texas Coaches School

KATY & Euless Trinity

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Why the Hill? That's why the Hill! Katy HS win 2013 Texas States


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  • Get Bigger, Stronger, Leaner, Faster in rapid time
  • Build tradition thru customization - look great, train

      great, play great!

  • Build Mental Toughness the Ability to Finish

              A Leader in Next Level (Incline) Training

  • Improve Sport-Specific skills(e.g., tackling, kicking,

      passing, blocking, hitting) to mitigate risk due to injuries

      (knees, muscles, heads, shoulders)

              Why the Hill? That's why the Hill! Katy HS win Texas State

                     Championships. Congrats to Coach Joseph & Staff

                            Ranked #2 in the Nation on ESPN Fab 25

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  • We'll help you design natural Hills or purchase artificial Hills.
  • Takes two people less than 10 minutes to setup
  • Train inseason or off-season


                         The Savage Hill


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      The Savage Hill featured on FoxSports at the Texas Coaches School

       Perennial powerhouses Katy High School & Euless Trinity perform

       Football Combat Drills on the Savage Hill to prepare for see video        


Want to know why it was invented?

Nick Savage Interview - Sports product

Learn more about Coach Savage interviewed by Fitness Business Interviews very own Erik Rokeach on "How the Savage Hill evolved to today!"


Train anytime, anyplace, anywhere?

Come fly with us on a "One & Only"- The Savage Hill.

One of the most innovative training devices in the world. Currently professional teams, sports leagues,municipalities, military seeking that razor sharp edge to rise to that elite level  are currently flocking in lines to purchase "the Savage Hill" through next spring .

What do the users say?

The Savage Hill 

MSG Frankie Cross III Army Ranger 1st Ranger Battalion

As we like to call it in the Army is one of the most flexible training tools we us in the Army to keep our soldiers physically fit. “The Hill “can be configured for strength and conditioning or used for endurance training. Since implementing “The Hill” into our training regiment we have sent 13 soldiers to compete in the world famous best ranger completion three of whom placed in the top ten. “The Hill” is also a great team building tool; we’ve configured the hill to have squad size competitions with games that force soldiers to accomplish goals by working together as a team. This has built strong espri de crops among the soldiers in the unit. Since starting to use “The Hill “we have seen our Physical fitness test scores go from 60% to 80% a 20% increase. “The Hill” has been a great asset to maintaining the readiness of our unit. We recommend this training tool to every organization that is in the business of fitness, team building, and the training of elite athletes.

 Ryan Lee  

"As the founder of StrengthCoach.com, I have the pleasure to work with just about every strength and conditioning professional in the world.  I recognized early that Nick Savage has the vision and the gift to deliver innovative services and products.  I highly recommend Nick and "The Hill" for every serious strength and conditioning program. Period.''


What can I say about “The Hill”? This has been an outstanding product for my children who are in high school. Coach Savage introduced this to my daughters two years ago. The progression in his training regimen and “The Hill” itself were truly building blocks for my daughter’s physical conditioning. I saw my daughter go from a novice 100 meter sprinter in her first year of being introduced to track and field to a 100 meter finalist in her age group 3 months after Coach Savage put her to the test on, “The Hill”.


As I watched the workouts and the constant commitment to enhancing footwork, I could see how well this product could benefit my high school players that I coached. Coach Savage worked with a few of my players and I could see the explosion with these players the second they got into 7-on-7 and soon after the football season. When I think of “The Hill” I think of speed, strength, and power development. I also think of the old films where I use to watch Walter Payton climb those hills. Coach Savage has truly figured out a way to make training like the Walter Payton use to do, a reality. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants to take their game to another level.


Kind regards,


John Tomlinson


Check Out the Benefits of Hill Training seen through the eyes of the NFL Hall of Famer - Mike Singletary & Former 49er Head Coach & Current Under Armour Advisor/Head Strength/Conditioning for Purdue University  Duane Carlisle

Excerpt - "Singletary ordered that a hill be made adjacent to the 49ers practice fields. What had been a gentle slope is now padded with 2,500 tons of dirt. It takes a run of about 45 feet to get to the top – as the 49ers players will soon discover first-hand. What does Singletary call his creation? “Pain,’’ he said Saturday."

click here for the complete story published 3/22 Dan Brown Mercury News

  • Perfect for team, league training & fundraising
  • Perfect for orientation, team testing/conditioning & recruiting
  • Includes three circuits for training
  • Customizable (Bags, Colors & Logos)
  • Advertising Placards for Sponsorships
  • Sports Accessories available

Resistance Model                   Attach Resistance and Overspeed modules together   

The Savage Hill consist of two sturdy modules together called the "Ultimate Experience" , that can be ordered as one component or separately after purchasing the Module One.   Module One consist of the "the Savage Hill" pictured above in addition to two blowers, bungee chords for resistance running, a sports target and the ramp or steps for explosive training at the base of "the Hill". see Video demo

For 2010 - The retail price for the "Savage Hill" is for 1 payment @ $8895 . Prices negotiable based on quantity ordered.

For 2011 - The retail price for the "Savage Hill" is for 1 payment @ $9250 or 10 EZ payments at $925. Prices negotiable based on quantity ordered.

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  • Perfect for festivals and major events
  • Customizable (Bags, Colors & Logos)
  • Arches on rear for advertising placards for Sponsorships
  • Sports Accessories available


To Purchase the Complete Package, "The Ultimate Experience" which consist of the "Savage Hill" , the QB Experience, Quicksilver Slides, and the Three point experience.   Other accessories available for purchase - wall climb and velcro wall.

The retail price for the Ultimate Experience - $16,000.  Prices negotiable based on quantity ordered.

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More Testimonials!!!Does it Work???



I have three children who are state champion runners in Virginia.  All of them have been with Nick Savage’s Special Forces Track Club or with Mercury Speed Track Club.  During the off season Coach Nick has used “The Hill” indoors to rain his track athletes.  My children have all used “the Hill” to vastly improve their speed, strength and endurance.  I recommend it without equivocation to all those serious athletes who wish to better themselves. Nick just led Virginia Tech to 2011 ACC Indoor Championship and took and bronze in the 800 meters!




Bruce W. McLaughlin


My son Vincent Brown Jr has trained with Coach Nick Savage for the past three years to improve his  sprinting and hurdling skills.  The training techniques provided  by Coach Savage including The Savage Hill has boosted Vincent's performance to become one of the top ten high school hurdler in the Nation in 2008 and 2009. Coach Savage also assisted in training the South Lakes High School boys relay team which my son was a part of.  Under his training,  the team in 2008 was ranked among the top ten in the Nation.  In 2009, Vincent delighted us as he won the USATF Championship!!! As a parent, I  strongly recommend the training techniques of Coach Savage including The Savage Hill to anyone who  desire the strength and speed to become a better athlete. Vincent is currently running sprints/hurdles/jumps on a full ride at Southern University!





Vincent M. Brown Sr.


After having watched Coach Nick and his athletes several, I had the opportunity to speak with his in December.  His ability to evaluate athletes is remarkable.  After watching my athletes run a few indoor races this season he made a few suggestions about things that would help their advancement.  And after several conversations and gaining an understanding of his concept I applied his suggestion and the improvement was almost immediate.

The results of his input really showed at the 2009 Nike Indoor Nationals where the athletes not only set personnel records but the Boys Sprint Medley finished 6th  and the 4X400 Relay finished 4th.  I would recommend any serious coach or athlete consider Coach Nick and his training program.

Charles Swindell

Head Coach

Summers & GeorgiaRee Track Club



Coach Nick is first class!!! As a professional athlete I pay attention to detail.  Coach Nick produces training environments that produce results.  I encourage any amateur or professional athlete looking to improve their physical performance to work with Mercury Speed!


Professional Athlete


My name is Donte Carroll, I'm a Speed and Conditioning Specialist in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia Region.  I have had the opportunity to experience Coach Savages  Hill device.  I have to say that it is the most intense training that I have taking part of in my fifteen years of being an athlete and trainer.  The most inspiring thing about my experience on the Hill was I was just demonstrating drills, and exercises to the athletes at a convention and I broke a sweat.  Just think in a matter of minutes from just demonstrating, I could feel the buring in my spauds and hamstrings from being on the hill.  I couldn't imagine what a full work out would be like.  I would recommend the Hill to any World Class Professional Athlete of any sport, because it can be used for that High profile athlete, all the way down to a young athlete just getting started in training for his/her praticular sport.  All I can say is thank you Coach Savage for developing the Hill.



 Donte Carroll

Speed and Conditioning Coach



Our daughter absolutely loved “THE HILL”.  She thought she was playing while she was really conditioning. It’s an amusing, innovative way to train while having fun.  Her four month training resulted in high accolades to include state and regional championships in 800m and 1500m run as well as a highly competitive athlete in the 2008 Junior Olympics. Thanks to the awesome job of Coach Nick and “THE HILL” for making our daughter so successful at such young age.

"The Savage Hill" is the wave of future. To be able to train and setup anytime, anyplace, and anywhere while working out so many at once is unbelievable!!



The Hill is one of the most magnificent and simple training devices I've ever seen.

It gets the job done!

Executive for major marathon event.

I never thought I could get this kind of workout, improve so quickly and actually enjoy it!

Blue chip recruit!

If my yard was big enough I'd buy one and take it home for the family!