The Hill Training System - Cracking the Code of Speed-N-Sport Specific Training

Outside of simply having great players. Finding the edge in the offseason to highly condition and bond the team is the key to unlock the code. The Savage Hill unleashes both.


At Mercury Speed a corner stone of our elite training

for all sports at all levels is our Savage Hill Training.

Take a peak at some of our Quicksilver Underground training.


See Boot Camp Team Tougheners (click on any picture to view drills in video)

Euless  Trinity FB Combat Drills             Euless Trinity Flight Drills



Euless Trinity SAQ Drills                        Trinity Trojan Haka War Dance




Katy FB Combat Drills        Katy Flight Drills                            Katy SAQ Drills




For Limited Viewing

The Ali Shuffle

  Drills for Skills

#1 Eliminating the heavy feet - Running on your heels?

             #2 Perfecting the 1 Step Drop - Develop that quick release?

            QB Experience

                #3 Unleashing the Hips - Seeking to unleash power?

               Optimal Power