Hill - Frequently Asked Questions

     1. How long does it take to setup the Savage Hill?

           On average 5 - 10 minutes.


      2. Are there options to receive Savage Hill Drills with your             purchase?

           Yes, you receive 76 sport-specifc drills, an option to have  

          Coach Savage consult during the initial training period.

          You also can purchase additional products that can be added

          to the Savage Hill.

      3. How many people does it take to setup The Savage Hill?

           On average 2 people can setup The Savage Hill.

      4. How much storage space is required for The Savage Hill?

           Approximately 3 feet by 8 feet.

      5. How firm is the Savage Hill?

          Very firm! Solid as packed wet sand or soft turf.

      6. How long is it warrantied?

           There is a 1 year warranty with an option to buy 2 or 3 yrs.

      7. Is it better to train on a natural hill or the Savage Hill?

          No one can out do God's work.The answer-A natural hill! 

          But as if you l live in a flat area or very cold area there many

          advantages to using an articial hill. Also in the long run it is

          less expensive to maintain an artifical hill versus a natural

          hill.Similar to the benefits to having an artificial turf

          versus a natural turf - upkeep.  You could also have BOTH as

          many organizations do!

      8. If we wanted a "natural" hill, can you help us?

          Absolutely, we can design one for you!

      9. As a coach do I have options, if I want to leave the Savage Hill

         outdoors ready for training!

          You have an option to purchase a tarp to protect the Savage

          Hill placing it underneath and overtop to capture moisture.